Chorizo & Turkey Chili

Ugh. Mid November is not my favorite. It feels like it’s dark all the time.  Fall has lost it’s October charm.  Everyone at work is in a frenzy of this-must-get-done-before-the-holidays. The holidays feel ominous, not festive. Or maybe I bought a one-way ticket to Grumptown? (Hopefully it’s round-trip, returning this week sometime?)  The answer isRead more

Fermented Hot Sauce

  Hey! Guess what, I made fermented hot sauce and so can you! This recipe should definitely be filed under “will utterly impress your friends/partner/mother-in-law, but is actually super easy to pull off.”  Don’t worry, the secret stays here. This sauce is tangy, garlicy, and just hot enough.  It also has a  beautiful orange-y redRead more

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup is unfussy and perfect for cozy fall evenings– pairs well with Sunday night HBO or your show of choice! This recipe features turkey meatballs and rich broth using one of my favorite soup secrets: tossing a parmesan rind into the broth while it simmers.  This super simple step adds a wonderful umamiRead more