6 (more!) Podcasts to Listen to While You Cook

wooden spoon on marble surface

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, cooking and podcasts go hand-in-hand for me.  Here are some of my recent favorites, depending on your mood.

You want some kitchen inspo:

  • Burnt Toast (Food52): Food52 is one of my go-to sites for recipe inspiration, and their podcast is no different. As an homage to my home state (New! Hampshire!) I have to recommend you start with the maple syrup episode.
  • Cooking by Ear: Cook alongside Cal Peternell and a super amazing guest. Literally, they will tell you step by side how to make a dish and you can pretend like you’re hanging out with them. It’s like a real live version of the perennial first date question “Which three people would you invite to a dinner party?” (Wait… did I just out myself as someone who was/is terrible at dating?)  I never want to make risotto without Frances McDormand again.
  • Ask a Clean Person: So this isn’t strictly kitchen related, buuuuut Jolie Kerr will teach you how to clean every bizarre mess and make you laugh out loud. Strangely meta and enjoyable to listen while you clean. Start with this one for blow by blow of how to clean your kitchen appliances– or this one if you want to know what to do when you spill your Thai takeout all over the passenger seat. (Asking for a friend!)

You want to understand what the hell is going on:

  • Pod Save America: Breaking down the news in an intelligent and enjoyable (at times irreverent and funny) way. Still skews hopeful, despite it all. Start with the most recent.
  • Call Your Girlfriend: An OG podcast that continues to be super relevant. Ann and Amina are my go-to’s for political real talk, interviews with bad ass ladies, skin care recommendations… the list could go on and on. A much needed weekly dose of unapologetic feminism. Perhaps start with Cecile Richard’s interview?
  • Still Processing: A conversation between two (interesting, thoughtful, funny) NYT culture writers. Topics span from tv to music to politics to technology… and I always finish and episode with new perspective. Start with the most recent episode, or their homage to Beychella.

What are you listening to these days?