Totally Impressive, Totally Easy Valentine’s Date Night In

String Light Heart for Valentine's Date Night In.

Skip the dinner reservations this year. You can 100% pull off this cozy (easy!) Valentine’s date night right in the comfort of your own home. I believe in you! Your love will be endlessly impressed with your skillz and you won’t even break a sweat. (bonus: doesn’t require a mile long grocery list and won’t leave you with a sink overflowing with dishes!)

Here’s the play by play:

Set the mood with a delicious cocktail: Boulevardier, a three ingredient cocktail that is harder to pronounce than make. (boo-lay-var-dya?) Serve it in a coupe for a little extra mid-century glam. No need to go crazy with an appetizer, some olives, nuts, or other salty snack will do the trick. (maybe Cheese Straws? What am I talking about, always cheese straws!)

Moooooving right along! Time for the main event: Bucatini with Lemony Carnonara. This decadent pasta dish will certainly induce Lady & The Tramp level romance. Splurge a little on fresh pasta if you can. Because easy (heh!) is the word of the day, serve it alongside Simple Green Salad.  If you love carbs as much as me and Oprah, this garlic bread can’t be beat. For wine, try unoaked white (which basically means no chardonnay).

Round out the meal with a throwback to elementary school class parties (only grown up a little), Champagne Rice Crispy Treats. And maybe a Lisa Frank valentine? (You only need 1/4 cup of champagne for this recipe, so go ahead and drink the rest. Or, since it is a school night, you can revive the bubbles the next day with one measly raisin.)

Et viola! A lovely little Valentine’s date night, and you didn’t even have to wait in line or walk anywhere (or put on pants).

PS Don’t forget Dan Savage’s sage Valentine’s Day advice!