Weekending, Round 4

Camper Van, Weekending, round 4

Weekending, round 4 — can you believe it?  Here we go… a weekly list of things to read, listen, watch, and make over the weekend. Make it a good one!

  • read: Designing a Feel Good Home. Justina Blakeney, of Jungalow fame and my personal home decor muse, has such great tips for creating a home that brightens your mood. This year I’ve realized what an effect my environment has on my (often high-strung and anxious) mood, and I’m working on gradual–calming–changes to my house. The tip about “clearing arteries” really resonated for me– if there is a table you always bump into, move it! (duh!) I also love these tips from Apartment Therapy. (Especially 4 & 5!)
  • listen: I listen to the New York Times The Daily podcast on the way to work every morning. It’s always well made and informative, but the episodes this week on Larry Nassar’s sentencing and Tonya Harding really knocked it out of the park. (This article about gymnast Aly Raisman’s leadership is also worth a read.)
  • watch: How do you feel about the Oscar nominations? I’m woefully behind on my viewing for someone who usually has feelings.  Here’s where to stream the nominated movies. (And by hook or by crook I’m seeing Ladybird this weekend.)
  • make: I will defend my right to eat cold pizza for breakfast to the end, but these pizza scones also look good.
  • follow: The TSA on instagram. It’s surprisingly lighthearted and features lots of dogs (which I obvi love).  Also, someone tried to bring this medieval torture device on a plane. *shudders*
  • bonus: If you live in the Bay Area you should visit the Gardens at Lake Merritt. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a lush, tropical wonderland. (And it’s free!) Or stay inside and make borscht.

Cheers to the weekend!