Cozy Weekend

We made it through the first [work] week of 2018! It may have only been four days, but this sums up my email situation. You too? Let’s all pat ourselves on the back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the weekend.

It’s raining here in Northern California and seems to be unbearably frigid in much of the country (-100 in my home state, NH!), so let’s all stay inside. Here’s some stuff to keep you entertained:

  • A Year in Google Searches (no, you’re crying!)
  • So, so many great movies added to Netflix this month, including, Bring It On, praise be!  Also, The Godfather trilogy, The Truman Show, Love Actually… the list goes on. Pop some popcorn.
  • Why Am I So Lazy? (Dear Polly gets it again.)
  • The queen of food blogging, Deb from Smitten Kitchen, tells us what she ate last week.  (If you’re a voyeur like me who loves to know what other people are eating, Roads & Kingdoms has a great series on breakfast around the world.)
  • Meet Zubaida Tariq, Pakistan’s Martha Stewart (and then some).
  • Some thoughts on presence vs. productivity I’m musing over as the new year begins.
  • I got this cookbook for Christmas and am super excited to try some recipes.
  • If you’re not drinking this month, I made a quick list of my favorite beverages to get through Dry January,(and if you’re drinking, this red wine hot chocolate looks amaaaazing).

Cheers to the weekend!