10 Homemade Holiday Gifts For Everyone on Your List

Holiday Gifts

I’m notorious in my family for handmade holiday gifts. I like to think I’ve graduated from the ill-fitting knit beanies & cookies that resemble hardtack, but I’ll let them be the judge of that.

Here are 10 holiday gifts everyone on your list will love– sweet, savory, spicy, and easy mail to boot! You could whip up a few of these on a cozy weekend afternoon, pop them in the mail on Monday, and your gifts will easily arrive before the big day.  And is there anything better than receiving a gift, handmade with love in the mail, the old fashioned way? (don’t answer that!)

  1. Candied Citrus Peel – These are definitely on my  “to make” list this year, and not just because my backyard lemon tree is popping right now. (No matter how long I live in California this is a wonder that will never cease to amaze me. Lemons! in my backyard! in December!)
  2. Harissa – Harissa is yummy and spicy and I put it on everything. If you have a weirdo on your list who doesn’t like sweets (cough, my husband, cough) this is the gift for them.
  3. Chocolate Salame – I’m thoroughly intrigued by this concept. (No, it does not contain actual salame)
  4. Chipotle & Rosemary Roasted Nuts – These are addictively delicious. Try not to eat them all before you can gift them.
  5. Rosé Gummy Bears – We all have at least one person on our list who will go crazy over these. (If I’m on your list, that person is me!)
  6. Roasted Cashew and Sesame Brittle – A little sweet and a lot salty, can’t go wrong there.
  7. Dark Chocolate Bark with Pistachios & Rose Petals – (Almost) too pretty to eat!
  8. Parmesan Crackers & Tomato Jam – A match made in heaven.
  9. Pretzel Shortbread Bars – A definite crowd-pleaser, slam dunk!
  10. Infused Olive Oil – The only skill required is pouring– a procrastinator’s dream!