10 Make-Ahead Sides To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner

onions, potato, garlic, and herbs

Are you (like me!) a Thanksgiving guest this year?  Here are 10 sides that will make you everyone’s favorite.

  • Harissa and Maple Roasted Carrots – Have you tried harissa? It’s new to me and has quickly become a favorite in our house. (Use it to marinate chicken thighs!)  Also, as a New Englander I have an intense urge to slather maple syrup on everything.  Spicy & sweet makes this (easy!) recipe a win-win.
  • Dijon Braised Brussels Sprouts – This is my go to brussels sprout recipe, I’ve literally made it huuuuuundreds of times. In fact, I credit this recipe with changing my mind about brussels sprouts. 
  • Lemony Green Beans with Frizzled Leeks – Only 3 ingredients and includes the word “frizzled”, what more do you need?
  • Mushrooms and Onions Shells and Cheese – My mom is a vegetarian and the year I made this is the year she refers to as her “favorite Thanksgiving.”
  • Addictive Brussels Sprout Salad – Brussels sprouts: can’t stop, won’t stop. Give this a try and you’ll be making it weekly.
  • Winter Kale Salad – I made this for my in-laws a few years ago and they still talk about it.  They can’t believe they like kale. It’s probably the reason they were happy when my husband proposed. Hot tip: be generous with the blue cheese.
  • Basic Cranberry Sauce –  Another 3 ingredient recipe that won’t do you wrong. (pictured above!)
  • Brown Butter Skillet Cornbread – Browning butter is a simple step that creates a rich, nutty, complex flavor.  It will make even the simplest dish taste like a masterpiece. Plus, Melissa Clark’s recipes have never disappointed me.
  • Parker House Rolls – A buttery, fluffy classic.  Don’t let making bread intimidate you, this recipe has 3 steps.
  • … and if cooking just isn’t in the cards, no one has ever been mad at someone who showed up with a bottle of pinot and a bag of ice