Fermented Hot Sauce


Hey! Guess what, I made fermented hot sauce and so can you! This recipe should definitely be filed under “will utterly impress your friends/partner/mother-in-law, but is actually super easy to pull off.”  Don’t worry, the secret stays here.

This sauce is tangy, garlicy, and just hot enough.  It also has a  beautiful orange-y red hue.  I’ve been putting it on just about everything the couple weeks: eggs, avo toast, a few dashes in soup, you get the idea.

I found this recipe in the October issue of Bon Appetit, you can get it online here.  (quick tangent! if you love to cook you toooootally have to subscribe to Bon Appetit. One of my favorite days of the month is when it comes in the mail.)

A few tips:

  • For the love of pete, wear gloves when you’re chopping chilies.  The oil hangs around on your hands for awhile and you will invariably touch your eye or worse…
  • I used a mixture of fresno and cherry chili peppers, because we had a bumper crop in our garden this year. Use whatever you can get your hands on, though keep in mind some peppers are hotter than others.
  • I had no clue what Achiote seeds are, but found them easily on good ol’ Amazon.  Turns out the are responsible for the sauce’s vibrant hue. Definitely don’t skip! (Bonus: the seeds aren’t need until the end, so the sauce can ferment away while you wait for them to be delivered).
  • I like a tangy, ferment-y flavor so I let mine ferment for the full five days.  Start tasting daily after two days and see what you think.  (Adding the oil and popping it in the fridge will stop the fermentation process).
  • I used a bottle like this to store it in the fridge.